Jonathan Rowland talks to thought leaders in the industrial communications and marketing space

Ngaire Baker

Ngaire Baker has over three decades of experience in marketing and PR in the heavy industrial space – principally within the Australian mining industry. She is currently External Relations Manager – Mount Pleasant Operation at MACH Energy Australia Pty Ltd.

Rick Felde

Based in Bend, Oregon, Rick Felde is the owner of FelCom LLC. He has over three decades of experience in the industrial marketing and PR sector.

Lisa Johnson

Based in Salina, Kansas, Lisa Johnson is Media and Communications Manager for Vortex, a manufacturer of dry bulk solids materials handling equipment.

Carly Leonida

Carly Leonida has over a decade of experience working as a trade press editor within the mining industry. She is the founder of The Intelligent Miner and current European editor of E&MJ. 

Pattie Sullivan

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and with over 23 years in the world of public relations, Pattie Sullivan is Senior Vice President at Red Havas US, part of the Red Havas global network of more than 1300 PR practitioners that operates in nearly 50 countries.

Virginia Zuloaga

Virginia Zuloaga is the founder of Brieffin and a digital marketer, who specialises in helping B2B industrial clients build their online and social media presence.